Hello Folks!

Hello Everyone and welcome to my blog 🙂
I’m Miss Enthu Cutlet 😉 well that’s the name of my blog! After reading various blogs of different fields written by my friends and people who I’m acquainted to, always wanted have one. But then some fear had stopped me from starting one. What fear? Yes, Deadly fear of writing, thinking what if people thought my work was utter crap or what if I’m not good at writing. But one fine day I just gathered up excitement and some courage , and started my first post ever. I learnt that everyone is creative in there own way and have their own style.

A few words about me I’m Deepthi, an Electronics and Communication Engineer by profession (well, I just completed my course, so destiny yet to be unveiled) and I love everything except Engineering, yes you heard that right. Born in Trivandrum (God’s Own Country)  and brought up in Dubai,  I did my Under graduation in Chennai. My interests are writing, reading, learning new things everyday and listening to music. I’m a huge fan of Travel and Food, especially travelling around the world and tasting the local favourites. I’m a person who lives to eat.  Food gets me excited the most. Otherwise also a very enthusiastic person by nature, I find wild enthusiasm and energy in every small thing I do or see, and hence the name – Miss Enthu Cutlet.

So watch out for this space to read my upcoming posts, where I’ll  be writing about Food mostly along with Travel, Lifestyle and more.. If I can inspire, entertain or make someone smile along the way, it will be a success. Till then, Cheers!

Rise and Shine!



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