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There isn’t a single soul who’s unaware of the name Vasanta Bhavan, well at least in  Chennai and following this, next thought that comes to our mind after hearing this word is the ‘South Indian’ varieties like Idly, Dosa, Vada, Pongal, etc. But what if I told you that you could eat Watermelon in Tandoori form or have Idiyappam in a Khao Suey style? Errmm…it sounds all fancy, right? Yes, I had the same reaction too when Chef Vignesh, the creator of all these beautiful dishes explained us about his new innovations in the Food Guide at VB Signature.

VB Signature is also a part of Namma Veedu Vasanta Bhavan but is totally different from its parent. Here, the South Indian cuisine has undergone a complete makeover where each dish is given a little bit of fusion to it, which takes the cuisine itself to a different level. Located in the heart of the city Nungambakkam, it’s hard to miss this place on the right when you pass through Nungambakkam High Road.



The menu here itself is an innovative one which is actually in the form of a food magazine along with a small description of the dishes. My friend and I were invited to try out some of the new additions to the menu. Below are what we tried:


We tried Bovonto Black Mojito & Oreo and Cream Shake. Bovonto was my friend’s order who seemed to enjoy this drink and Oreo was mine. The shake was thick and had some choco chips and Oreo crumbs infused in it was a yummy drink.


We were served Sutta Makka Cholam & Broccoli and Cheddar soups. The former is a roasted corn soup with some popcorn in it served in rich, thick, creamy and delicious manner, just brilliant. The latter one had a hint of garam masala and mild spice, was delightful.



Salads are usually dressed using cooked or raw vegetables or fruits, but here it was completely in a new outlook.  We had Signature Tandoori Watermelon and Feta Chaat, this one is where a watermelon is grilled in a tandoor topped with some pickled onions and jalapenos. Didn’t please my taste buds much as it had a burnt taste.


Pappad platter was a great appetizer indeed.  This platter consisted about 6 varieties of pappads that were fresh and delicious- Aloo, Tandoor roasted, Kerala poppadom, Urad chilli and garlic, Appalam & Moong dal presented well along with diferent dips like Black Pepper, Tamarind Sweet Chilly, Tomato Pickle , Mayo and Mint chutney & Salsa.


Pao Sliders with Homemade Potato Chips


A modern version of Pav Bhaji, where the pav is cut into square sliders and stuffed with a usual bhaji, served with some onion rings.  Now I know where to go when I crave for Pav Bhaji 😉

Pesto Bharwan Paneer Tikka


Paneer given in any form is a bliss. Oh, so soft Paneer stuffed with homemade pesto, was something of a kind. It had a unique taste and beautiful presentation. One of my favourite from the starters.

Hyderabadi Potato 65 and Water Chestnut


Indo-Chinese version of Hyderabadi 65. There’s a never better option than spiced potatoes and the mixture of spicy flavors was a delight along with the chestnut after they were tossed in yogurt.

Sabudana Pops


Sabudana vada converted into crispy small pops that mildly spiced served along with a curd chutney. It lacked something in it, was okayish.


Idiyappam and Sodhi Khao Suey

Idiyappam is served with yellow Sodhi along with few garnishes that can be used according to one’s palate. I loved my idiyappam in a soggy way with a hint of every topping on it. Definitely a star dish.

Chur Chur Paratha & Sundried Tomato and Cheddar Naan with Dal Makhani & Paneer Taka Tak

Paneer taka tak is a paneer gravy fried along with onions and capsicum was really yummy and I was told this is one of the famous street food in Delhi. Chur chur paratha was crispy and flaky with dollops of butter and ajwain seeds as toppings. Naan was stuffed with Sundried tomatoes and cheese, which didn’t make any difference in the taste from the usual one, saving the best for the last, Dal Makhani was one of the best I’ve had in Chennai.


We were served Homemade Boost ice-cream,  Chocolate Job 2.0 and Oreo and Peanut Butter Cheesecake Mousse for desserts. The ice cream was exceptional and yummy with boost powered on top,  Chocolate Job is a bliss for the Chocolate lovers,  it had three layers of dark chocolate,  salted caramel,  Marquise with some crumble and Oreo crumbs.  Cheesecake mouse was tad bit sweet for my liking.


Exceptionally good, since it was an invite we had all the attention.


No comments as it was an invited meal.  A meal for two can come up to ₹500-600,  which is pretty reasonable.


Overall,  VB Signature is a great place for the vegetarians.  All the dishes were extremely good and innovative.  A must visit to have some Indian fusion food.


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