E!11 Last Exit- Ultimate Food Truck Destination


Somedays, nothing beats a good long drive. Now, with E!11 Last Exit, it can be even more fun with this quirky Food Truck Park which is first of its kind in the region. E!11 Last Exit gets its name from the location itself which is located on Exit 11 on Sheikh Zayed Road in between Jebel Ali and Abu Dhabi. Nearest landmark to this is the Dubai Parks and Resorts.

With food trucks being on trend these days, this is definitely a much-needed attraction here which is inspired by the Americans. There are around 20 trucks splashed with colours in a vibrant ambiance, Airstream decorated with artsy decor that’s spreads everywhere.  These Gourmet Pit shops include both drive-thru and dine-in, where one can have these freshly prepared, delicious meals right from their wheels or park their car in the parking space and have it in the dining area. Another greatest advantage regarding this is that it’s open 24/7,  serves breakfast, lunch, dinner or one can even grab a bite to snack on the way. If you choose to dine in from your car, there are coloured lanes that direct you to the various trucks which have an intercom system right before the truck from which the orders can be placed and then drive forward to collect it and make the payment.

 The place is Car themed and is beautifully executed with various trendy trucks with eye-catchy designs and detail given to the retro truck shop is just stunning which includes road signs, old vintage petrol pump props, car rims and bumpers, grills, tools and more.


There’s a wide range of cuisines that include Latin American, Middle Eastern, Italian, American and more that can be enjoyed by children as well as adults.

Our Experience



 Our visit was post lunch, so we just grabbed few kinds of light stuff from different trucks. We parked our car, walked in this lively atmosphere, admiring the decor.  The first thing that caught our eye was the Operation: Falafel airstream. The pulling aroma of the falafel was just too hard to resist.  We ordered Classic Falafel of 12 pieces, served along with tahini sauce. Crispy, yummy, hand sized falafels made with typical flavours of street food, were a perfect evening snack tasted great with tahini sauce. 12 portions of falafel cost  AED 11. Service time is pretty quick, takes about 2-3 minutes.



Following this, we grabbed a Caramel Frappuccino from Starbucks food truck which is a beautiful silver airstream painted with coffee coloured paint. This is the very first truck and is located right at the entrance, mostly crowded all time. Coffee was pretty strong, topped with caramel and whipped cream, this cold drink which was a saviour from all our energy from being drained. Priced at AED 19, it was a great deal.

Our next stop was Burger Pit which is one of the pretty, turquoise blue coloured airstream that can be easily spotted and is Instagram-worthy because of the Vintage Pontiac that’s parked right beside it.  We just had Original Dog from here which was topped with caramelised onion and mustard sauce, served along with ketchup and mayonnaise. Taste wise it was delicious, but a tad bit small for the cost. The length of the sausage was longer than the sausage bread. Cost us AED 30, which I felt is expensive for the portion.

Finally, to end it on a sweet note we stopped at 71 Cafe, a small little brown coloured truck located next to the dining area. Typical Emarati cafe serving traditional Arabic delicacies.  We ordered a portion of Luqaimat, as My love for it is never ending. It’s an Arabic street food, which can be considered as a sweet or dessert. Puffy, sweet fried dumplings dipped in honey syrup topped with sesame seeds cost us AED 20, worth every penny.

Dining Area

Space allocated for the dining area is vast. They have both outdoor as well as indoorairconditioned dining areas for the customers.

Outdoor settings are perfect for winters or during the later part of the day which is more like a garden seating. Done up in a quite artsy manner with tents,  wooden benches, and few stools in the design of tyres. Spacious enough to seat up to 100 people on the go. I know where to spend my winter evenings now 😬

Indoor settings are the best options for the summer here. It is designed more like Old School gas station, done up with license plate lighting, spanner door handles, corrugated tables, stools with gas pedal foot rest along with few arcade games. Around 40 people can be accommodated at once. Ah! I really wished I could sit there a whole day and admire the place!


Besides offering a few gourmet bites, they also have few amenities that include  ATM machines,  Restrooms, Prayer Rooms, Parking areas, Mobile Phone Charging boxes,  all day mini convenience store and play areas for kids. 

Restrooms are really whacky here.  Taps are controlled by accelerators and sinks are made from tyres.  Uh, that’s something really out if the box.

I’m so in love with this place and the vibes it gives. With just one visit, I’ve decided this is going to be my place to chill out. Definitely heading back to try out the other trucks ASAP probably when the temperature drops down a lil!!!

To know more about other food trucks and location , click here.




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