Hi there!  I’m Deepthi, an Electronics and Communication Engineer by profession. My interests are writing, reading, learning new things everyday and listening to music. I’m a huge fan of Travel and Food, especially travelling around the world and tasting the local favourites and I’m a person who lives to eat. Writing has always been my passion, ever since I started to read books, but something had stopped me from doing this until there came a day where I thought should give it a shot 😉

So in this blog  I’ll be writing about Food mostly along with Travel, Lifestyle and many other exciting things .. And If I can inspire, entertain or make someone smile along the way, it will be a success.

I’m also an obsessive instagrammer at: deepthipraba

Feel free to mail me at: deepthiprabakaran@hotmail.com

I don’t tweet much, but sometimes I tweet at: DeepthiPraba

I’m a food critic on zomato at: Deepthi Prabakaran 

Well, if you’d love to read about my adventures about Food, Travel, Lifestyle and many more… I’m pretty much sure you’re on the right page 😀